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Investment Strategy


Milestone targets multifamily investment opportunities in many of the nation's major metropolitan areas that have high population growth, attractive multifamily renter demographic characteristics, and diversified employment bases. We have a well-developed network through which we identify and evaluate potential acquisitions. Our sources for prospective acquisitions range from our contacts with banks, insurance companies, special servicers and other potential multifamily property sellers, to our local and regional personnel who continually monitor the apartment property market in their respective areas. Milestone proactively pursues acquisitions using our proven deal sourcing network and industry relationships, thereby creating a competitive advantage. In addition, Milestone's proven track record provides sellers with surety of closure, especially when dealing with complicated or portfolio acquisitions. Milestone also has strong experience in structuring transactions to minimize tax impacts on sellers and investors, an important benefit often overlooked.

In our targeted markets and submarkets, Milestone seeks assets where we can create value and enhance investor returns. Milestone will target assets that include:

  • Properties held by motivated sellers facing balance sheet problems, unfunded capital requirements or liquidity challenges;
  • Properties owned by partnerships or families facing large tax implications;
  • Underperforming loans and real estate owned by lenders and servicers;
  • Properties that could benefit from capital upgrade programs;
  • Failed condominium projects that can be repositioned as rental properties; and
  • Properties with undermanaged operations or failed business plan executions where the opportunity exists to improve performance.

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